My name is Dominika Brendel and BRENDEL London was born out of my passion for geometric shapes, the aim to apply unique folding technique to traditional leather craftsmanship as well as my interest in slow lifestyle and Scandinavian aesthetics. As a small artisan maker and designer, I would like to deliver a range of great products with timeless simplicity.

BRENDEL London is a durable and minimalistic leather goods brand proudly designed and made in a small studio in South East London. Each piece is carefully designed, crafted and assembled by hand from start to finish using traditional leather craft techniques and the highest quality materials.


The way BRENDEL London products are crafted respects the materials they are made of. They are left unlined and their raw cut edges are not covered with any paints. The products are made to order or in limited quantities and with the aim to utilize as much of each leather hide as possible in order to avoid material wastage.

BRENDEL London believes in durability and smaller-scale production, no two creations are exactly the same, each piece is unique. Our leather lifestyle goods are locally produced in London using carefully selected quality leather from best local suppliers.

BRENDEL London works with solid brass hardware and genuine vegetable-tanned leather which is a by-product of the food industry. Vegetable-tanned leather does not contain any harmful chemicals which could potentially damage our environment. It is one of the oldest methods of making leather and has been used for thousands of years. The natural colour and characteristics of the leather are maintained in the most natural and eco-friendly type of tanning.  It darkens, softens, and patinas beautifully over time and evolves with you. Vegetable-tanned leather is known for its strength and made-to-last durability. No two pieces of leather will age the same way, so you will have an item that is unique. 


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